Firerite Equipment and Capabilities

Heat Treat Equipment

Blasting Equipment

Straightening Equipment

Furnaces for Stress Relieving, Normalizing, Annealing, and Straightening

#1 Gantry Furnace - Stationary Base
18'W x 17"H x  36'L inside work area
Extendable for longer jobs 
#2 Gantry Furnace - Stationary Base
11'W x 10'H x 25'6" L
Extendable for longer jobs
#3 Gantry Furnace - Stationary Base
14'W x 12'H x 32'L
Extendable for longer jobs
#4 Jansen Furnace - Car Bottom
6'10"H x 8'6"W x 12'4"L
#5 Jansen Furnace - Car Bottom
6'H x 6'10"W x 15' 4" L
#6 Jansen Furnace - Car Bottom
7'W x 6'H x 12'L
#1 Pangborn Table Machine - Cabinet
8' Diameter x 4'6"H
#2 Pangborn Table Machine - Cabinet
12' Diameter x 7'H
#3 Pangborn Table Machine
Rotoblast Table
10' Diameter x 5'7"H
#4 Goff Tumble Blast Machine
5 cubic feet
#5 Manual Blast Room
18'W x 14'H x 30'L
100,000# Capacity
Extendable to 60'L
#6 Manual Blast Room
14"W x 9'H x 20L
RDS 400 Ton Hydraulic Gap Frame Straightening Press.
36"Throat - 24"Stroke
15'6" x 36' Bed Area
with 84' Bed Travel
Verson -  300 Ton Press
- 200 Ton Press

Painting Equipment

Paintroom - 20'W x 14' x 20'L
Paint Spray Booth - 20'W x 18H' x 40"L
Airless Spray Guns

Firerite Trucking Capabilities

Serving The State of Michigan, Oakland County, Wayne County, and Macomb County as well as Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

2019 Freightliner Tractor/Trailer
80,000# GVW
2 - Sterling Tractor/Trailer
80,000# GVW 
Freightliner Straight Truck 27'Bed
72,000# GVW
Sterling Straight Truck 24' Bed
F650 Straight truck 15' Bed
F550 Straight Truck 10' Bed
Clark Flatbed Trailers
Great Dane Low Boy Trailer
Trucking Capacity up to 16' Wide
and 140,000 LBS
edited truck.jpg